Schimmer Child History


Design: John Pawson Interior build: Designworkshop

Schimmer Child was started by Richard Child in 1991 following the closure of Designworkshop, the design/manufacturing company where he had been workshop manager for the previous 15 years. The company worked closely with John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin at the start of their careers and much of their minimalist work from this period was made by Designworkshop.

Design:John Pawson  Interior build: Designworkshop

Design: John Pawson Interior build: Designworkshop


In 1994 Claire Schimmer joined the company part-time as a partner, becoming a full time designer/director in 1999; since then we have continued to design and make, developing specialisms of working with museums and art galleries and Project Management for large commercial furniture fit-outs.

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