Schimmer Child Argent were awarded the contract to redesign the two galleries housing an important collection of Chinese bronze vessels at Compton Verney in Warwickshire.

The galleries in their original form did very little to stop visitors using them simply as a corridor to the galleries containing the various temporary exhibitions. Poor lighting, an unsympathetic colour scheme and plinths and display cases that were too high for many visitors to view comfortably meant that people were ignoring the collection of over a hundred relief patterned bronze vessels:

CV China Coll'n Room 1 CV China Coll'n Room 2


Schimmer Child Argent working with graphic designer Victoria Bithell, redesigned the space to interrupt the flow of visitors through the galleries to invite people to stop and view the exhibits. LED lights both at ceiling and case level has made the relief decoration on the vessels much more obvious and striking, and a more dramatic colour scheme in the first gallery draws people in to view the gold temple guardian figures which were previously standing in the window spaces.

A system of metallic silhouettes of all the objects now makes description and interpretation much more informative and engaging:









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