Wolverhampton Art Gallery Reception

May 11, 2012  |  Furniture

Schimmer Child’s design for the Reception Area and Information Point has been approved. The furniture will be natural oak and Madraperla Satinglas, lit from behind by LEDs.

Pictured is a console table in fumed oak with purple Satinice; it seemed the only way to go in a double height Reception area completely panelled out in oak.

Embracing the Chinese Global Furniture Trade?

February 15, 2011  |  Furniture

Colleagues of ours were undercut on a job they’d quoted on last week by a British company who manufacture in China and who can deliver a bespoke kitchen in four weeks; ready painted, glazed and with ironmongery in place.

Discussing this it quickly became clear that dismissing it on carbon footprint grounds doesn’t work for any of us that import timber (ie. most of us), so do we embrace this or do we resist it ? Do we carve a niche for ourselves with truly bespoke pieces that need face to face discussion with the client while viewing the work or do we put aside our concerns about working conditions in China and join in?